USARL Season VI Schedule Launched

The USA Rugby League 2016 schedule has been officially approved by all clubs and is now available for players and fans to plan their season for home and travel.

2016 will see the USARL remain at a 14 team competition with new club White Plains Wombats replacing the Connecticut Wildcats in the North-east Division.

The USARL will commence on June 4th where teams up and down the east coast of America will battle it out in a North & South competition format. The winner will of each conference will play against each other in the National Championship Final on August 23rd (location TBA.)

Season VI kicks off on June 4 with last year’s champions the Boston 13s taking on neighboring rival Rhode Island Rebellion who will be looking to rebound after a disappointing finish in last year’s North-east Division final.

Marcos Flegman Boston 13s USARL
Marcos Flegmann captain of the Boston 13s celebrates 2015 Championship along with Peter Illfield, Chairman of the USARL

Boston 13s Captain Marcos Flegman commented, “Everyone in the 13s family is really excited for the coming season, the flavour that the championship left in our mouths has made us hungrier for more. This season the core of the team will be the same which will help us give the team some continuity from last year and become a better and stronger team.”

With the 13s reigning champions, coach Robin Peers was asked about his thoughts for the upcoming season. “We also know that as 2015 champions we will have a target on our backs and that because of that no game will be an easy game.” he continues… “The Rhode Island Rebellion and Brooklyn Kings get stronger each year and the New York Knights finished strong in 2015 after taking a few early weeks to find their feet in the USARL.”

Down South, the USARL continues to take leaps and bounds with the South conference only in its 3rd year of formation. Last year’s South Champions, Atlanta Rhinos will be looking to improve on their season falling short in the National Championship last year.

Nick Newlin, captain of the Atlanta Rhinos and a key member in the USA’s recent success at the World Cup Qualifiers spoke about the Rhinos in 2016, “2015 was quite successful and I think we realized our potential as a club, although missing a National Championship victory it showed us what our weaknesses are when facing some of the best competition in the USARL. With a bit more structure, another year of experience for most of the guys along with some added talent, I think we will be force again not only in the South but the USARL as a whole.”

Season VI kicks off June with full domestic schedule listed below.

Week 1: June 4

  • Boston 13′s vs Rhode Island Rebellion
  • Brooklyn Kings vs New York Knights
  • Bucks County vs White Plains Wombats
  • D.C. Slayers vs Philadelphia Fight
  • Northern Virginia Eagles vs Delaware Black Foxes
  • Central Florida Warriors vs Atlanta Rhinos

Week 2: June 11

  • D.C. Slayers vs Brooklyn Kings
  • Philadelphia Fight vs White Plains Wombats
  • Rhode Island Rebellion vs New York Knights
  • Northern Virginia Eagles vs Boston 13′s
  • Bucks County vs Delaware Black Foxes
  • Atlanta Rhinos vs Jacksonville Axemen
  • Tampa Mayhem vs Central Florida Warriors

Week 3: June 18

  • White Plains Wombats vs D.C. Slayers
  • Brooklyn Kings vs Northern Virginia Eagles
  • Delaware Black Foxes vs Philadelphia Fight
  • Rhode Island Rebellion vs Bucks County
  • New York Knights vs Boston 13′s
  • Jacksonville Axemen vs Tampa Mayhem

Week 4: June 25

  • New York Knights vs Delaware Black Foxes
  • Boston 13′s vs White Plains Wombats
  • Brooklyn Kings vs Rhode Island Rebellion
  • Bucks County vs D.C. Slayers
  • Philadelphia Fight vs Northern Virginia Eagles
  • Central Florida Warriors vs Jacksonville Axemen
  • Atlanta Rhinos vs Tampa Mayhem

Week 5: July 9

  • Philadelphia Fight vs New York Knights
  • White Plains Wombats vs Rhode Island Rebellion
  • Delaware Black Foxes vs Bucks County
  • Brooklyn Kings vs Boston 13′s
  • Northern Virginia Eagles vs D.C. Slayers
  • Central Florida Warriors vs Tampa Mayhem
  • Jacksonville Axemen vs Atlanta Rhinos

Week 6: July 16

  • Boston 13′s vs Philadelphia Fight
  • New York Knights vs Rhode Island Rebellion
  • D.C. Slayers vs Delaware Black Foxes
  • White Plains Wombats vs Brooklyn Kings
  • Bucks County vs Northern Virginia Eagles
  • Tampa Mayhem vs Jacksonville Axemen
  • Atlanta Rhinos vs Central Florida Warriors

Week 7: July 23

  • Philadelphia Fight vs Bucks County
  • Rhode Island Rebellion vs Brooklyn Kings
  • White Plains Wombats vs New York Knights
  • Boston 13′s vs D.C. Slayers
  • Delaware Black Foxes vs Northern Virginia Eagles
  • Tampa Mayhem vs Atlanta Rhinos
  • Jacksonville Axemen vs Central Florida Warriors

Week 8: July 30

  • Rhode Island Rebellion vs Boston 13′s
  • D.C. Slayers vs Bucks County
  • New York Knights vs Brooklyn Kings
  • Northern Virginia Eagles vs Philadelphia Fight
  • Delaware Black Foxes vs White Plains Wombats

Playoffs Round 1: August 6th

  • North-east (2) vs North-east (3)

Mid-Atlantic (2) vs Mid-Atlantic (3)

  • South (1) vs South (4)
  • South (2) vs South (3)

Playoffs Round 2: August 13th

  • North-east (1) vs winner of North-east (2v3)
  • Mid-Atlantic (1) vs winner of Mid-Atlantic (2v3)

South Championship: August 13th

  • Winner of (1v4) vs Winner of (2v3)

North Championship: August 20th

  • Winner of North-east vs winner of Mid-Atlantic

National Championship: August 27th

  • Winner of North vs South

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